Solution to customized plastic injection parts
Olimy Solution to customized plastic injection parts

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It is obvious that quality is the life for long time win-win business, Shanghai Olimy Co.,Ltd  also understand well that you need to quickly adapt to the changing consumer needs with high quality, cost-effective products to win more markets. At Shanghai Olimy, we monitor every single step of every single machine in real time, also keep studying and learning from customers’ feedback to ensure we can adjust at a moment’s notice. Using documented such as FAI(First Article Inspection), FPA (First Part Approval), PFD(Process Flow Diagram), PFMEA (Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, PCP(Production Control Plan) and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) for all in process and final inspection procedures, our main goal is to guarantee the final product arrived at your side is completely built to your specifications and agreements as promised when quotation.

 What we do to ensure a process for your project is reliable and repeatable? The answer is the Process control, that is something we need to follow for all the manufacturing and assembly  process, so you can be assured that changes won’t be made without thorough review of the entire procedure/process:

"1. Feasibility Analysis: 

Once receiving your request for injection mold or injection plastic, it’s our duty to study the parts carefully such as lifetime for mold, application and using condition of the parts. It’s critical to know as more as possible to ensure the feasibility of the mold and the parts we are going to quote."

"2. Nonconforming Material Control System:

Once order is confirmed, it is necessary to follow a system which will direct your nonconforming material control, both mold steel material and plastic material. For every single new project, Shanghai Olimy will provide you with the original certificate for both mold steel (such as 1.2344 heat treatment from SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH and 1.2083 from Schmiedewerke Gröditz), we quest this from material supplier to ensure we are working on the right material as promised, not any copies or fakes. Especially for the mold, you will not see any quality difference for the first thousands shots, but if you run more, for example 10,000 shots, mold problem such as crack, scratch or some other surface problem."


During production, we do all the checks including receiving inspection, process defects, products defects, finished goods containment, returned material and in process product specific containment.

"3. Control plan(Timing plan) and Weekly report:

Control plan, which is also called timing plan, will be provided once order is confirmed, from which you can see all the processes such as CNC processing, EDM etc for mold making and how long each process will need. Weekly report will be sent every Tuesday to assure you will be updated about all the progress here like you are in the workshop yourself. "

 Mold  Control Plan

"4. FAI (First Article Inspection) and FPA (First Part Approval):

Once sample is finished, we will do the in-house FAI and FPA to ensure your parts have been manufactured to all your specifications including size requirements, tolerance, color etc, during which our CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) is continuously used for high precisons measuring of production samples and tight tolerance, which improves the analyzing and also provides consistent accuracy. All critical design characteristic will be verified and recorded and pointed out on part drawing, send together with sample for your approval. "

"5. In Process and Final Inspection:

Once sample is approved, all documents will be sent down to workshop to follow for mass production. In process will be run 1 piece every two hours, three shifts along all the production time to ensure all the parts are completely qualified to your specifications and comments. After all parts are finished, run the final inspection:surface inspection:500 pcs/50000 pcs,dimension inspection:32 pcs/50000 pcs."

"6. Packaging and Shipping:

Packaging is the last step but of same importance for the whole process, which requires proper protection to ensure no damage during transportation. Shanghai Olimy runs many different parts made from various material, including the Chromed plating parts, which requires specially protection. All these enables us to work out a perfect packaging solution with lowest cost. "


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